I declared my submission to my husband about a week or ten days ago.  This week, I have tried to defer to him, do things to make him happy, respect him in our day to day interactions, and generally be kind to him.  He has been eating it up.

I’m already seeing changes in our lives in and out of the bedroom.  We have made love almost every day this week.  He has been teasing and joking with me, sometimes with goofy jokes and other times with sexy innuendo.  We have had two “real” conversations in the last 24 hours on topics unrelated to bills, kids, or work.  He has been giving me loving touches and caresses at random times; he even put his arm around me during church today.  He has started going to sleep in the middle of our King bed facing me (rather than on “his” side facing away from me).  These things may sound minor to you, but they are like drenching rain soaking into my parched heart.  DH hasn’t done these things since we were first married.

The Bible says that wives are to submit to their husbands, and husbands are to love their wives.  Who knew that the more I tried to submit, the more loving he would feel?  Conversely, the more he shows me love, the more I want to submit to him 24/7.

Last night, lying in bed, I began doubting myself, feeling that maybe being my Dom was too much work for him–that I was being too needy.  So, I asked him, “What do you think of the changes in me this week?”  He said, “I like it. You just seem really lovable.”  From my quiet, reserved hubby, that’s high praise!  I went to sleep beaming.