Ever since the day that I was “Late to Rise” and got a spanking from DH, he has not spanked me again. I’ve told him how much I loved the “discipline” spanking he gave me, I’ve told him how much it turns me on when he spanks me, and I’ve even asked for spankings–both “good girl” spanks and discipline spanks. All to no avail. DH did give me some playful spanks in the kitchen this morning while the kids were elsewhere, but nowhere near what I’m wanting.
I asked him today why he has avoided spanking me the last several days, even during intimacy. I asked him if he was freaked out. He said, no, but he didn’t give me a reason for his unwillingness. He did say that he didn’t want to do it this afternoon because he was afraid the kids might hear. (We have a very small house, and they weren’t asleep for nap yet, so he had a point on that one.)
I don’t know. Maybe I just need to lay off and let him be about it. (I really haven’t brought it up more than a couple times, although this post sounds like I have.) Maybe he’ll come around in his own time. It stinks, though, because nothing turns me on quite like a good girl spanking!