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Very little going on here in the bedroom–a real downer since last week was so very active on that front.  D/s has been pushed to the background by … well, real life, I guess.

This week, one of my children had 3 medical appointments, one of which was an outpatient procedure involving general anesthesia.  My husband started a different position with the same company,  but it involves totally different people, procedures, work environment, etc.  And last weekend and this weekend bookended the week with two family get-togethers (which tend to be quite chaotic with approximately 20 people in attendance, over half of whom are under 10 years old).  Needless to say, things have been hectic, emotional, tiring, and generally stressful.

I know that’s just life.  I’ve been around long enough to know that life is going to throw me curveballs more often than not.  Que sera, sera.

But, this is the first time I’ve fielded curveballs while trying to practice D/s.  It definitely changes the outlook on the curveballs.

And, on top of it all, DH bruised my trust this week.  He took the new position at work after mentioning it to me, but without informing me of the changes it would make to his schedule or various other factors.  He made it sound like things would be exactly the same except for his function at work.

I found out differently last night.  I was informed rather perfunctorily of the changes which will affect myself and our children profoundly.  I was (and am) so hurt that either DH didn’t think about how the changes would affect us or he didn’t care.  Either way, it’s hurtful.  He also didn’t give me the opportunity to discuss the (reality of the) new position with him, or ask for my input, before he summarily decided to take it.

How do  I continue to function under the dominance of someone who doesn’t consider my feelings or my best interests (or those of our children)?  Is this a growing pain or am I being naive?