Those three words are hard to say…but tonight I must own them.
My DH talked with me at length about my hurt feelings over his failure to ask my opinion about his new work schedule. He listened to me complain for far too long and patiently explained his side.
I began to realize what a shrew I had been for the past 24+ hours. I said, “it’s time to end this argument,” and dug the bamboo pancake flipper (aka “the paddle”) out from behind the bed. I handed it to him suggestively. He was hesitant to spank me, knowing that he had already hurt my feelings, but I reminded him that I had been quite disrespectful.
He finally told me to “bend over” and with several sharp spanks, ended the argument, reconnected us, and righted my world. I cried, experiencing the renowned DD release for the first time.
I had gotten myself into a downward spiral and couldn’t stop myself. He stopped me but unfortunately not before I had “dinged” our relationship.
I’m thankful we’re headed back in the right direction now. I’m finally out from under that dark cloud and feel so much better! Thanks, DH! I love you!