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Tuesday evening, Jeremiah was rather animated. He seemed lighthearted and happy. I love it when he’s like that. He is often so serious, and quiet, and pensive. (That’s not bad, it’s just him.)

Jeremiah looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes after the kids were in bed. I don’t remember his exact words, but it was something to the effect of “come here, Baby, I’ve got something for you.” As almost an afterthought, he added, “And I think you need a spanking.”
I grinned hugely and quickly removed my clothing to receive his amorous attentions. He started fondling and sucking my breasts, which I enjoyed, but my body wasn’t really turned on. He slapped my flanks a few times, which I also liked, but it still wasn’t “doing it” for me. I suggested that we get out Rosy, my name for our bamboo pancake flipper “paddle,” as we both knew that a spanking from Rosy would make me wet.

Jeremiah didn’t act on my suggestion. Instead he used his own lubrication to work on penetration, and then he used me in several lovely positions: while I was on top, on my side, in “diaper position,” and doggy style. It felt heavenly. When he had finished, I nearly asked him for the spanking he had promised, but just before I spoke, I realized that he thought that he had already given me a spanking by slapping my bottom a few times. He had chosen not to spank me further when he decided against getting out the paddle. Sigh.

I determined that I would submit to his decision in that regard, and instead of opening that can of worms, I asked him to help me come. He played with me for several minutes until I was able to climax. I enjoyed the sensation. I thanked him, and we cuddled for a few minutes before rolling over and falling asleep.

I didn’t get the spanking I was hoping for, but I got yummy sex, and I was proud of myself for submitting without complaint to his decision on the spanking. Over all, a pretty successful evening, I’d say. 🙂