This post had nothing to do with DD or D/s. Instead, it’s all about other alphabet soup concepts that play a huge part in my life: OT and PT (occupational therapy, physical therapy).

You see, my son, Titus, nearly died in utero. Thank God, I had wonderful prenatal care and the doctor did an emergency c-section, and the NICU doctors were able to save Titus. He is not without “scars” though. He has challenges that he will live with all his life.

Recently, we began doing therapy three days (one-hour sessions) per week for Titus. It’s going to four sessions per week starting this week. We take public transportation to the sessions, which involves a lot of walking, standing, waiting, killing time (because our bus system only comes to any given stop one time per hour) with two preschoolers. And, it’s hot outside. Every one hour session results in 3-4 hours out of the house even though the location is less than 10 minutes from our house (by car).

After a month of this schedule, I’m feeling run down…tired.I can see the schedule is wearing down my babies, as well. Jeremiah and I are trying to decide if it is best to attempt to keep up the schedule or cut it back. Which does Titus need worse: the therapy or the downtime?

I need to do what’s best for Titus, without neglecting Abigail (I have to entertain her in a tiny waiting room during brother’s sessions), the housework, Jeremiah, or my own well being. I’m not doing any of that successfully. Ugh.

Any sage advice from you mommies out there?