Jeremiah`s day sucked (that’s about the strongest language I use…so you know it was bad). An outside-the-company inspector came in today and lambasted J. for his methods in getting a project accomplished. The inspector promptly communicated with both J`s immediate boss and the company “higher ups” his displeasure with J.

J. was handed this project yesterday and given little direction. He has made excellent progress in two days and had felt that he was really doing a good job. So, by the time I called him at work this afternoon, he was snippy and angry. When he told me someone had jumped down his throat earlier, I understood immediately why he had an attitude.

To make matters worse, he had run out of his prescription meds yesterday and had failed to go get the refill. I went to get it for him today, but he went without the meds today, so by the time he got home he felt like crap.

In sum, he was a mess.

When I climbed into bed beside him, I was naked (he wasn’t). I put lotion on my hands and began to massage his legs. He didn’t like that–the lotion was too cold and sticky.

“Is there anything I can do to make you feel better? I really want to do something for you.”

He was dismissive. He felt too cranky to want sex or anything else. He even declined a BJ! He apparently appreciated my efforts, though, because he put his arms around me and pulled me into a cuddle.

As often happens, he became turned on while touching my nakedness. He asked for a hand job. I quickly agreed but offered him some other of his preferred treats as well. It wasn’t long before he had become fully engaged.

I suggested that he could take out some of his frustration on my butt. At first, he declined (out of habit and chivalry, I think), but I took Rosy out of her hiding place and offered it to him. He grinned. “I might just take you up on that.” I put myself over his lap while he sat up in the bed.


Don't know why this is so blurry...

He began to give my cheeks sharp love swats. He wasn’t hitting very hard, but he wasn’t playing, either. Whoo-wee. Each swat stung! I said “ouch!” several times, and I was actually not enjoying the sting-y paddling. I kept making encouraging sounds, though, because I wanted him to know that what he was doing was okay with me, and I didn’t want him to feel he should stop. I wanted him to get out of it what he needed.

Even though my skin was cursing my name during the 20 -30 swats, my pussy was cheering J. on. By the time he was done, I was as wet as the bathroom floor after a toddler bath! Woo!

J then decided he wanted to take me in my back door while I was in diaper position. I actually love anal play, but diaper position is hard for me…for some reason it hurts more. J. went gently but took his pleasure exactly the way he wanted it.

And that’s exactly the way I want it. (**big, silly grin**)

So I think tonight we had our first stress- relief spanking…or was that a reverse-stress-relief spanking? Whatever you call it, it put smiles on both our faces, so it gets a big thumbs-up.