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Jeremiah’s birthday was this month.  It’s a milestone birthday, one he’s not exactly thrilled about reaching.  He told me in no uncertain terms that he wanted NO big celebration or gathering.  I know that Jeremiah was being sincere.  He is capable of being sociable, but he is a homebody at heart.

To celebrate his birthday, then, I decided to do a special dinner for him on his birthday (including his favorite cake), then arrange a very rare date night for us the weekend after his birthday as a way to celebrate.

We had our date night last week.  It was so very nice to hang out together with no real plans.  We were free spirits for several hours while our children were cared for by a very good friend with whom we have begun trading babysitting services occasionally.

We did some errands (boring, I know), after which went to dinner at a restaurant that he had a hankering for.  I wasn’t hungry and merely sat with him and nibbled on a few onion rings while he had some dinner.  Then, we walked around the mall and went to a novelty store.

 I had expressed a desire to buy our first adult toy.  We’re both very conservative and shy about such things, so it was truly an adventure for us not only to bring ourselves to enter the novelty store and look at the “naughty” section but also–especially–to buy our first vibrator.  I swear that we were both giggly with bright red cheeks (face cheeks, people!  🙂 as we checked out.  The girl at the check out was half our age, I think, and she found our embarrassment pretty cute.  She asked me if I wanted to forgo a bag and “make” my hubby carry the vibrator through the crowded mall.  He and I both giggled and said, “Noooo!”  She grinned and put the toy in a non-see-through bag.

The mall to which we had gone was about a forty minute drive from our home.  All the way home, we teased each other about what we planned to do to one another with the new vibe.  We teased and flirted and even took the vibe out and tested it a bit over our clothes.  We were like newlyweds again.

After we had gotten the kids home and in bed, we eagerly put the vibrator through it’s paces
…and it was bleh.
Kind of a let down after all our sexual teasing that evening. (Pout) Truthfully, though, we still enjoyed it because it induced lots of fantasy and sexy talk on our date,

and that was priceless.