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Jeremiah came home tonight with a bag from the drug store. It contained some seemingly random items. I find it annoying when Jeremiah does this type of thing…it seems to me that he’s spending money with no real purpose. I held my tongue, however, and we had dinner.

As we were finishing up dinner, Jeremiah announced that he was going to try to get the splinter out of my hand. (Long story, but a couple days ago one of my home improvement projects involved shattered glass, a shard of which took up residence in my palm.)
J began rummaging through the sack of random items, and as he set up a work station, the items began to make sense in the context of splinter removal.

We worked together on getting the splinter to cooperate: one of us holding the light while the other worked on the hand. We removed a tiny sliver of glass, but we don’t know if any more is in there. We will look at it again tomorrow to see if we can tell.

As we were finishing up, J caressed my face. I don’t remember what he was saying, but I do vividly remember the lovely feeling of his warm, calloused hand sliding across my cheek. I was shocked and thrilled. J doesn’t often touch me -in any way, sexy or not-outside the bedroom unless I initiate. I love it when he does touch me of his own accord, but it’s rare.

I told J after the fact that he had made me feel so cared for-and horny-by helping me with my hand, and I told him how sexy it was for him to touch my face like that. Throw in the sexy banter about “playing doctor” while we were working on the splinter and the sweet compliment he paid me later, and you’ll understand why I wanted badly to have sex with him tonight. Unfortunately, he ended up with a belly ache and wasn’t up to it. Bummer. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some sexy time in tomorrow…maybe at the kids’nap time?

*Contented Sigh. Tonight was just a typical Friday night. Nothing special. But J made me feel special, and that made tonight extraordinary!