I’ve been thinking a lot about respect lately and how I fail so miserably to show it to my husband. I thought this blogger nicely laid out several things that I can do to show Jeremiah the respect he deserves. (The blogger refers to the Bible, but even if you aren’t “into” that, most of the points are still quite valid). Enjoy!

Loving Life at Home

How does your husband spell RESPECT - a 30-Day Challenge for wivesEvery man craves respect. I think that deep desire to be well-esteemed by family, friends, and foe alike is hardwired into the Y-chromosome. The vast majority of men value respect even over love.

One of the most powerful things you can do to build up your man and strengthen your marriage is to shower your husband with the respect and admiration he so longs for.

The details may differ from family to family, but the underlining principles remain the same.

Here’s how my husband spells respect. And there’s a good chance yours spells it this way, too:

R = Respond Physically

Of all your husband’s needs, this is the one that only you can legitimately address. If you pour all your energies into being a good wife in every other way, but marginalize or neglect the area of physical intimacy, then you have failed.

God designed…

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