Yesterday, Jeremiah and I got two different opportunities to make love. That is a very, very rare occurrence around here. First, we made love during the kids` rest time, but neither kid actually slept, so we had to be quiet.

Now, I’m a spanko, and sometimes I have a craving for that particular style of attention from my hubby. He is not a spanko, however, so he only spanks to indulge my sexual desires. (And I am so so sooo grateful that he does that for me.) He will only do it when the kids are asleep.

So, after the kids were asleep for the night, I practically begged for a spanking, and my wonderful Sir delivered in grand style.

We talked and kissed, etc., for a few minutes, then he told me to roll over. I lay on my belly naked as he delivered 5 or 6 smacks to each cheek with Rosy, our bamboo spatula. Then, he told me to turn over; I obeyed, but I wanted more spanking.

I just went with the flow, though. I thoroughly enjoyed myself while he made passionate love to me!

After he had finished, he started to get up to get dressed, but I asked him to help me get to “O town.” He agreed. (In our pre-D/s life I almost never got an O during or sexy time. I couldn’t get myself in the right headspace. So, we both got used to only getting him off and skipping any O`s for me. Frustrating. I’ll do a post on that sometime…)

Back to our story: I told him I really wanted more spanks. He told me to lie on my belly. I did, and he began to swat my seat. Sometimes Rosy hit one cheek, sometimes she hit portions of each cheek simultaneously, sometimes she hit the same spot again–intensifying the sting. I lay very still and tried to be quiet, because if he thinks he’s hurting me too much, he will stop. After about 20 strikes or so, I realized the strokes were getting harder. On the next strike, I inadvertently let out a small squeak, and he stopped. “I think that’s enough,” he said.

He then followed up with some anal play and teasing me with our bright pink (uninspiring) vibrator. We’ve found that the vibe can work if we use it in certain ways. It did the trick this time. I got to my desired destination, and we both enjoyed ourselves.

I’m loving what D/s is doing for our sex life. Yummy.