I’m sorry for the long delay. Truth is that I haven’t known what to say in an update post.

Jeremiah has told me that he just wants to love me “normally” (read vanilla). I have backed off and am back to “vanilla me.” We haven’t made love in over a week, despite the long weekend with no plans. Friday night, he came on to me hot and heavy (but still vanilla). Unfortunately, “vanilla me” takes awhile to get revved up for bedroom playtime.  I was terribly disappointed at my own inability to reciprocate his advances. Throughout the weekend, we couldn’t seem to get our timing together. I was ready when he was not and vice versa.

At my request this evening, he did cuddle with me on the couch for awhile to watch a tv program or two. That was nice.


I`m sad that he has decided he doesn’t want to pursue D/s even in the bedroom, but we will survive. We did before.