*I missed the first couple days of this spanking blog challenge, even though I signed up for it a month ago. My apologies. I may try to get A-C in later, but for now I’ll start with today’s letter.


D is for Domestic Discipline.

Long before I knew that Domestic Discipline was actually a “thing,” I fantasized about it. It seems silly now, but in my fantasies, my “husband” (I was single at the time) was a strict disciplinarian who loved me dearly and held me accountable. We had a contract. We had rules that I had agreed to. We did maintenance spankings and harsh punishment spankings. We had a journal where I recorded my misdeeds.

Fast forward a decade, and I accidentally came across the concept of Domestic Discipline. I was astounded at how closely it mirrored my fantasies. And real people actually lived this way! Wow. I was enthralled. Maybe one day my fantasy would become reality.

Fast forward a couple months to today: my husband thinks the whole idea is crazy. He has no intention of treating me like a child. I’ve explained how erotic I find it and told him some of my fantasies, but he’s not interested. Domestic Discipline at the Cecil residence will likely only ever exist in my dreams.

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