Today was packed. Jeremiah had to work a double shift, so he couldn’t take his usual carpool. So, he had our car, but I had two appointments I was loathe to cancel. My sister was kind enough to ferry the kids and me to the morning appointment, then we enjoyed a nice playdate with her children (similar ages to my own). We later took the county bus to the other appointment. We walked home from the bus stop, beating dusk by a slim margin.

When we arrived, one of my favorite people in the world had mowed our yard. Jeremiah had tried to mow last week but discovered that the drive belt on his lawn tractor had broken. His attempts to replace it have been frustratingly unsuccessful.

We have had quite a lot of rain lately.

Non-working mower, busy husband, and torrential downpours all add up to one thing: grass my dog could get lost in.

So, to come home after my crazy day and find that my sweet brother had brought his mower over on a trailer,  mowed the grass, and even weed-eated, just because he loves us, it was nice. I felt so overwhelmed…and at a loss how to repay him.

Jeremiah still isn’t home, and I hate sleeping without him beside me in the bed. He makes me feel safe (him and that shot gun in my bedroom). I am thankful for the OT hours, but I’ll be glad when he’s home safe and sound to keep us that way. 🙂

Until tomorrow friends…