O is for the ultimate destination/goal of most sex–O-town! 

Before our experiment (D/s, dd, ttwd), I had a terrible time reaching O-town. I had done a bunch of research and discovered that my malady was shared by many women.

I found that direct clit simulation (while I was alone), combined with concentration on one of my favorite fantasies, would usually get me “there,” but I really wanted to get there during love making sessions with J. I felt like our sexy machinations were not complete without our sharing each other’s climaxes. I was pretty discouraged.

Then, during the hype of The Fifty Shades movie, I was emboldened to “come out” to J about my spanko nature. In our early experimental play times, I found sexual submission to be an amazing aphrodisiac. Since we began our experiment, I’ve “gotten off” during sexy time with my hubby more times than I’d done in the previous several years combined.

Sigh. It’s been lovely! We are still making our way and experimenting, but it’s so nice to know that I can climax with my hubby!

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