Y is for Yes Sir.

Jeremiah and I have always been casual with each other. Although I grew up saying yes/no sir and yes/no ma’am, I have never done so with him. We say “yeah” or “sure” or “uh-huh.”

When I asked my hubby to be my Dom, I started thinking about saying “yes sir,” as I had read about in other D/s relationships. I did it here and there, but it felt weird to me and I was afraid it felt weird to him too.

So I talked to J about it. (I know. Novel idea.) I was surprised to learn that he was fine with my saying “yes sir” to him even outside the bedroom.

I’m getting more comfortable with it. I feel that saying “yes/no sir” to him makes a subtle statement that I’ve chosen to make him my “boss” in our little world.

Baby steps.