So, this weekend was yucky and rainy. ALL. WEEKEND. LONG.
So, mommy and daddy spent a lot of time entertaining preschoolers who had serious cases of cabin fever. Stealing a few minutes alone for our 10-day sex challenge was tricky.

We actually ended up having some quickie fun on Friday evening (the ostensible day one), so we made love twice that day (yay!).

Day two we weren’t able to roll in the hay, unfortunately. But I figure if you average it out, we had sex two times in two days, so I figure that made us 2 for 2. 🙂

Yesterday was day three. The day was busy with church services, spending some time at my parents` house, and entertaining two rather energetic little ones. It was late by the time J and I got into bed together. He proclaimed that he was tired and immediately rolled over to go to sleep. I wrapped my arm around him and told him how much I appreciate his work ethic and his providing for our family. (Trying to sneak in some words of affirmation). I told him thank you, kissed him, and rolled over to go to sleep. I didn’t expect anything amorous because it was so late.

Next thing I know, he tells me to go get a towel…our code for sex. (I know, not so romantic! But it works for us!) I happily grab a towel from the linen closet and don my birthday suit. He, similarly un-clad, begins running his hands over the parts of me that are off limits to all but him (well, and my ob-gyn. Ugh).

He told me that our activities last night were all for my pleasure. I happily lapped up the attention and the touches. He bit my nipples and played with my bottom; we kissed and cuddled; he massaged my nether regions with lovely-smelling oil.

All of these activities naturally led to full-fledged love-making, and we both visited O-town. Then, practicality won out and we stopped rolling in the hay and hit it instead. 🙂

Today I’m a happy girl. I hope J is similarly pleased.