Day five of the ten day sex challenge was downright fun.

It started during our trip to Home Depot…  J needed to pick up a few things to fix our toilet. The kids and I decided we wanted to tag along. After J had found the stuff he came for, we stopped at the paint section momentarily, and he saw the 98 cent yardstick, which he decided he just had to have. (I’ll bet you can guess where this is going.)

Always before we leave Home Depot we must visit the garden center because my son thinks it’s awesome. During the duration of our wanderings around the garden center and even in the main part of the store, J kept popping my butt with that yardstick. I was incredibly embarrassed, especially since I don’t want to explain such spanky activities to my preschoolers! 🙂 Even through my embarrassment, however, I could feel my woman parts buzzing…

Well fast forward past all the normal family activities for the evening, and past J`s hours of frustration with the recalcitrant toilet, and we were finally able to contemplate bed time for mommy and daddy. I went to Jeremiah, knowing he was still pretty fussed up over the home improvement nightmare, and said, “I would really like it if we could find comfort in each other’s arms tonight.”

“No,” he growled. “I just want to sleep. I’m tired.”

I was disappointed, of course, but I understood, and I went to get ready for bed. I left the light on and read until he came to bed. “I know it’s disappointing that the toilet still isn’t working right, but I appreciate all your hard work on it. I’m glad you have the skills to do it so we don’t have to pay a plumber. Would you like a hand job?”

J decided he would like some amorous massage to his manhood, but after only a minute or two of my stroking him, his animal instincts took over. He touched and fondled and poked and prodded me in all the right places…even landed some spanks (unfortunately, no yardstick was used). I rode him in a modified version of the reverse cowgirl position, and the modification made it feel better to both of us. So, completely by accident, we created a new position for ourselves that we will attempt to duplicate in the future.

We were both smiling by the time it was done. The ten day sex challenge is the best idea ever!