While I am not a proponent of fighting simply in order to have opportunity to make up, making up this week was really quite fun. O:-)

So, since our “reunion” last weekend, Jeremiah and I have been a bit…um…disconnected, I guess. We did have a nice love making session that reestablished our connection over that weekend, but it was tough to “get there” mentally (for both of us, but mainly me), and I don’t think I did completely “get there.” Though I felt better about our relationship after our love making, I have continued to be out of sorts for days. And there had been no more amorous activity.

Not only that, Jeremiah was distracted and kept snipping at us. I felt neglected and positively in-the-way. It came to a head on Monday evening. Jeremiah came home from work in a terrible mood. I took the kids and went to my friend’s house to get out of his way.

He text messaged me asking why I was mad. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t know. When I had explained myself and he had explained himself, it became clear that our lack of communication had undermined us in a big way.

Tuesday night, he was ready to make up. After some erotic spanking, some oral attention, some cowboy riding, some toy usage, and trips to o-town for each of us, we were both feeling much better and more connected. It’s amazing how communication, love making, and willingness to listen to each other really brought us to such a peaceful place…together.