That’s how I’m feeling right now. And it’s wonderful!

I awoke this morning to a fading wet dream and an empty bed. Crap. For the past few days, my daughter and I have been fighting colds and trying valiantly not to share our germs with the boys. Jeremiah has been great in giving me extra sleep time/naps this weekend as we both know that my body heals itself quickest when I get large amounts of rest. The strategy is paying off as I feel much better tonight than I have in several days. So far, the boys seem fine, thank God, but the “six-inch rule” sure puts a damper on one’s sex life…

This morning, the kids slept later than usual, so when my little alarm clocks woke mommy up from her dream (of getting spanked for trying to help a prisoner escape from an enemy spacecraft?? random) Jeremiah was long gone to work. Tonight, I had every intention of jumping his bones, but, as luck would have it, he worked late, and then we had a couple mishaps–one with a sippy cup that my son had stuck in the oven (and was only discovered when mama turned on the oven to make dinner) and the other with a toy that stabbed my daughter in the hand when she somehow fell out of bed on top of it. 

By the time I was able to take off my “mommy” cape, my lover was already in bed for the night.  I figured I was doomed to yet another fitful night of sexual frustration. Nope. J decided he wanted me more than he wanted sleep. (Yay!) So he gave me a good hard ride. Mmmmm. Yummy. I am pretty sure I’m going to sleep very well tonight indeed…weak-kneed and all. 🙂