Hubby finally succumbed this weekend to the upper-respiratory malady that had plagued my daughter and I last week. So, there’s been no sexy action for a few days.

Tonight, he still didn’t feel well, but his more southerly head took over the decision making, and we made love!

To my great delight, during foreplay, J took me over his knees, and gave me a very nice erotic spanking.  He slapped his hand on my bottom on one side, rubbed, slapped the other side, rubbed, rinse, repeat. The spanks were not overly hard but not patty-cakey, either. A few times he would spank in the same spot two or three times before rubbing, and that made me jump (in a good way 🙂 ). Mmm. He stopped before I wanted him to, but it was so wonderful of him to do it for me.

He is gradually trying to overcome his concern of hurting me and trying to rewire his brain to believe that by hurting me he’s giving me pleasure.  Poor guy got a strange girl when he got me. I just can’t be normal and enjoy normal/vanilla sexy things…